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Peder HansenAge: 55 years17861841

Peder Hansen
Birth 1786 36 38
Source: Namnlös(231)
Birth of a brotherLars Hansen
about 1786

Source: Namnlös(3)
Death of a maternal grandmotherElse Larsdatter
May 1786
Source: Namnlös(186)
Death of a paternal grandfatherNiels Nielsen
1791 (Age 5 years)
Source: Namnlös(32)
Birth of a sisterElse Hansdatter
1792 (Age 6 years)
Source: Namnlös(45)
Death of a half-sisterKaren Pedersdatter
December 1795 (Age 9 years)
Source: Namnlös(231)
Marriage of a siblingAnders AndersenElse HansdatterView this family
January 29, 1814 (Age 28 years)
Source: Namnlös(63)
Death of a sisterElse Hansdatter
June 12, 1831 (Age 45 years)
Source: Namnlös(32)
Death of a motherBoel(Bodil) Jensdatter
August 23, 1831 (Age 45 years)
Source: Namnlös(32)
Death of a fatherHans Nielsen
August 31, 1831 (Age 45 years)
Source: Namnlös(32)
Death of a half-brotherJens Pedersen
December 23, 1832 (Age 46 years)
Source: Namnlös(231)
Death of a wifeAne (Anne) Andersdatter
1835 (Age 49 years)
Source: Namnlös(231)
Death 1841 (Age 55 years)
Source: Namnlös(231)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: November 3, 1771Orø, Tuse, Holbæk
4 years
elder sister
8 years
elder brother
5 years
twin brother
1 year
7 years
younger sister
Mother’s family with Peter Jensen - View this family
Jens Pedersen
Birth: 1767 34 19Orø, Tuse, Holbæk
Death: December 23, 1832Bybjerg, Orø, Danmark
3 years
2 years
Karen Pedersdatter
Birth: about 1770 37 22Næsby, Orø, Danmark
Death: December 1795Gamløse, Orø, Danmark
Family with Ane (Anne) Andersdatter - View this family

  1. Generation 1
    1. Peder Hansen, son of Hans Nielsen and Boel(Bodil) Jensdatter, was born in 1786 in Orø, Tuse, Holbæk and died in 1841 in Orø, Tuse, Holbæk at the age of 55 years.